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R Squared leverages WebEx as part of vHelp Desk and vNOC Service Offerings
R Squared Consultants has begun another pioneering initiative of providing real-time, secure Operating System and Application assistance to our clients using WebEx's Support Center.  R Squared's Engineers will be able to troubleshoot mission-critical issues when they occur providing clients with significantly lower Time to Resolution (TTR) times.  "Clients who traditionally have not been able to justify full-time, on-site support staff can now operate with a Help Desk model in place - and not just a Tier 1 support level either.  Tier 2 and Tier 3 problem resolution can occur.  The real value is in allowing clients to maximize their valuable time by having the most simplistic to the most complex issues solved in an efficient and a secure manner. A school or business no matter how small can now operate at the those levels traditionally offered to and by only mid to large size enterprises and educational institutions.", explains Robert Repko, President of R Squared Consultants.  WebEx is part of the upcoming complete vNOC and vHelp Desk service packages that R Squared will be offering to both educational and small to mid size businesses.   

R Squared Consultants are featured in PROCESSOR.com's Change Management Article
R Squared Consultants have been quoted in PROCESSOR.com's article entitled Change Management Approaches Buzzword StatusR Squared Consultants have successfully implemented change management solutions in educational and small to mid-size companies. "While Change Management is often thought of as something only for the Global 2000 companies, it is absolutely essential now for educational organizations and small to mid-size companies as their backoffice and educational and business value increasingly leverages and in many cases is dependent upon high levels of availability", notes Robert Repko President of R Squared Consultants.  R Squared's Consultants' and Engineers' experience in the most stringent financial, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical environments has been successfully applied to our clients leading to high levels of application and infrastructure availability. 

R Squared Consultants has presented at NJAET's Fall Technology Conference
As school districts take advantage of the brilliant educational opportunities using the video conferencing, wireless, and telephony, two major issues emerge - ensuring the school's architecture is cost effectively suitable to deploy these applications and the security issues that can't be overlooked.  R Squared Consultants has delivered two presentations at NJAET's October 6th Fall Conference at Georgian Court College designed to provide school administrators, technology coordinators, and teachers with the tools to make sure their infrastructures can take advantage of the wonderful learning opportunities of video conferencing and wireless applications, reduce costs driven by IP Telephony solutions, and provide the highest levels of security.  Conference PowerPoint slides, tools, and handouts can be found in our Research area. 

R Squared Consultants are slated to launch their new full website on December 1, 2003
In a continuing effort of better communication and services to our existing and new clients, R Squared Consultants is the in the process of redesigning its website.   The revised website will provide a detailed information on R Squared Consultant's new solution offerings and also provide our clients access to our new vHelp Desk and vNOC services.