R Squared Consultants
R Squared Consultants provides pioneering solutions to educational/non-profit organizations and to small and mid-sized businesses.  Utilizing a blend of industry best-practices, educational and corporate experience, and innovation, R Squared Consultants through cost-effective and practical technical solutions ensure our clients' educational and business goals are met .  As a leading solutions provider in the educational and small to mid-size information technology market, R Squared provides value in architecting, engineering, deploying, and managing projects in internetworking, systems and storage, information security, disaster recovery, desktops/handhelds, performance/capacity planning, and project management.

R Squared News

R Squared leverages WebEx as part of vHelp Desk and vNOC Service Offerings

R Squared is featured in PROCESSOR.com's Change Management Article

R Squared has presented on Unified Architecture and Security Assessments at NJAET's October 6th Fall Technology Conference